GuiZhou, China, 2019, @Xiong Yanzhi
Video / Sound Installation, 4K, Loop, Dimensions Variable
Location: Bapa, Dong Village, GuiZhou  

"Vertical red" on a gray-white boulder. The boulder is located outside the Bapa Village in Qiandongnan, Guizhou. It has a long history: According to legend, in the Ming Dynasty, Wu Wang, the king of the Dong, passed the place. He met a pregnant woman and asked, “can you see the cattle I am driving?" The pregnant woman said inexplicably: "I don't see any cattle, I saw boulder moving." At this moment, the boulder stopped suddenly. Wu Mian whip it out strongly, and the rocks instantly turned into three sections, one of which flew to Xishan, one to Bapa, and one remained in Guandong. The pregnant woman was so scared that her hair bun became crooked aside. So now this is also the origin of the Dong women's buns always crooked to one side.


This boulder is locally enshrined as a sacred mountain. Every new year, villagers will pray under the mountain for good weather and good grain.
The "vertical red" was on the mountain for three days, it accompanied this villagers day and night. at the fourth dawn, It disappeared … and now there is another bedside story about the “red waterfall” in the village.

“垂直的红色”在一块灰白巨石上。巨石位于贵州黔东南岜扒村外,颇有来历:相传在明朝时,侗王吴勉放牛经过此地,他遇见一个侗族孕妇,问:“你可见我赶的牛?”孕妇不解的说:“我不见牛,只见石山在移动. ” 这时,石山突然停了下来。吴勉一鞭挥了出去,山石瞬间变成了三截,一截飞到西山,一截飞到岜扒,还有一截留在了贯洞。孕妇当场被吓到发髻都歪了。故今这也是侗族妇女的发髻总是歪在一边的来历。


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