Common place, 2018, @Xiong Yanzhi

What was it like?
This interval, this spasm, this display
Did questions of the stability of identity arise?
What then; the elements?
What kind of distribution was it?

Bodies, the capacity of bodies: fragile, strong, delicate in turn
Their stretch, their refrain and gestures released
A veritable abstract drawing machine,
Composed of bodies, utterance and song
All yielding patterns contained within the potential of mapping
Sharpened and sculpted by invention
Ready to spin

Bodies animated, beings on the edge that we call becoming
Stretching out to the yet-to-come
Containing what has been passed over and what is passing through
Yielding a history of traces
Somewhere between ascent and vulnerability
Closer to a machinery of subtraction
Or economy of left overs:
The left overs of bodies and minds
Erasing in its wake, economies of habit
Within each stretch or pulsation
Drawn in from the breath of space

So a veritable drawing machine,
Set in motion.

© Copyright Xiong Yanzhi 2020, All Rights Reserved.