Raven Row, London2018, @Xiong Yanzhi

Edition of photography 3+1AP Synthesizer-acoustic sound, live impromptu operatic voice
Performer artists: Xiong Yanzhi, Feng Hui, Guan LeXiao
表演艺术家: 熊晏之,冯卉,官乐霄
Location: Raven Row, London, UK
地点:Raven Row,伦敦,英国

7米长的⼀块红⾊麻布,电⼦合成器,⼈声。 这场表演的实验是将⼈声的物理持续性与电⼦合成器的⾼频做⼀个比较。 两个演员在楼顶举着红布,当听见声响时,红布会随之跟着声音移动,但红布的每⼀次移动都只是在⼈声出现的情况下。房间里面的观众对其现象慢慢产⽣洞察,因为当合成器⾼频让⼈⼏乎受不了时,红布依然没有丝毫移动。 ⼈声是如何穿透⼀只交响乐队的秘密在现场被观众揭开。

There is a 7 m long piece of red linen, synthesizer and operatic voice singing.
The experiment was to compare the physical persistence of the human voice with the high frequency of the synthesizer's sound.
The two actors held the red cloth on the roof of the building. When they heard the sound, the red cloth would move with the sound, but each movement of the red cloth was only in the presence of human voices. The viewer in the room was slowly gaining insight into the phenomenon, for while the synthesizer was almost too high, the red cloth remained motionless. The mystery of how the human voice penetrates a symphony orchestra is revealed by the audience on the spot.

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