XiongYanzhi was born in China and she lives in Beijing and London, after completing a MA degree in Opera Performance at the Royal Academy of Music, and another MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art, Yan was undertaken and with this, an extended period of experimentation was inaugurated in which the boundaries of operatic voice, digital sound, dance, installation, painting, video, photography, performance were explored. Each of these mediums was utilised to create new spatial modes of difference, to draw lines around the emerging patterns of the in-between, and to produce ranges of tonal inflexions that gave rise to mobile, effective encounters. There was within this, a search for the articulation the body as a medium for being-with the other in which the dialectic of offering and withdrawal might be rendered sensible. At the heart of this endeavour is the exploration of different ways of exploring memory, especially in the form of echoes, gestures and traces that might open out the lost continents of being. In disengaging time from its passing, Yan strikes an affinity with Levinas when she develops the notion that art endures on the hither side of time within a region she describes as the meanwhile (an interval between neither and nor) and it is this registration that opens an aesthetic realm of suspension. Within this realm anything might pass through; mediums, affects, intensities and encounters because of the way it mediates the relationship between the void and the yet-to-come.

熊晏之,1989年生于中国贵州,现居北京和伦敦, 2016年获英国皇家音乐学院的歌剧硕士学位,2018年获英国皇家艺术学院绘画硕士学位。晏之的作品多以数字声音、歌剧、装置、绘画、视频、摄影、行为等不同媒介的空间差异为起点,调试及调度媒介之间的音调变化,频率节奏,以及结构的重塑。这一过程的核心是尤声音作为切入点,用行为及绘画去探索, 用空间作为踏板,试图从物理空间上升到精神空间再回归至心灵空间,通过多维度的体悟去打开对未来的记忆的同时又回归当下本身。



Photography Rome Fest 2020 THE PERFORMER - International Group Exhibition - at Millepiani - Rome, Italy
III Muestra de Video Arte, Bogota, Colombia
<The Frequency Band>video screening and performance, HOXTON 253 art project space, London




III Muestra de Video Arte,波哥大,哥伦比亚

《The Frequency Band》影像放映及行为表演, HOXTON 253艺术项目空间,英国伦敦


Installation and sound art <Studio Us is an Experiment>, Dyson, London
Land art <Little Green>, Resident Project of World Intangible Cultural Heritage, GuiZhou, China
<Contract with skin> Performance art Asia-Art-Activism, Raven Row, London
<Little Stool>, Resident Project of World Intangible Cultural Heritage, GuiZhou, China


《Studio Us is an Experiment》装置及声音艺术,Dyson画廊,英国伦敦


《皮肤之约》亚洲当代艺术AAA中心行为现场,Raven Row画廊,英国伦敦

《Little Stool》世界非物质文化遗产驻留项目,中国贵州

Electro acoustic with Improvisation sing <Large> , 93 Baker st. Gallery, London

Sound Installation Performance <Half Remembered Gesture>, Royal College of Art Graduation Exhibition, London

Experiment Theatre Project in Collaboration with Darren Johnston at Guild Hall, London
Exhibition <Living Room> SafeHouse ,Cypher Space, London
Exhibition <Aesthetic Feast> La Galleria Pall Mall, London
Visual Project Simple Things EXT at IMAX  Theatre, Bristol
<Münchner Kammerspiele> Electro-acoustic avant-grade opera containing audio-visual light installation  in collaboration with  Bill Kouligas and  Spiros Hadjidjanos, in Munich, Germany


《Large》即兴实验声音与行为现场,93 Baker Street VO Curation, 英国伦敦

声音装置现场行为表演《半记忆手势》 皇家艺术学院研究生毕业展,英国伦敦

与Darren Johnson合作实验剧场现场交互演出,Guild Hall, 英国伦敦

《Living Room》 Safe House空间,英国伦敦

《Aesthetic Feast》  La Galleria Pall Mall画廊,英国伦敦

视觉现场,Simple Things EXT, 英国布里斯托

与 Bill Kouligas , Spiros Hadjidjanos 在Münchner Kammerspiele剧场合作视听灯光装置及电音前卫歌剧,慕尼黑大剧院,德国慕尼黑


Video Installation  <Banquet>  Briser les Frontières at Glaerie Joseph Saint Martin, Paris, France
<Banquet l>at Atonal Kraftwerk, Lychee One, London
Electro-acoustic opera containing audio-visual screens installation <Fist>  Collaboration with Pan Daijing at Atonal Kraftwerk, Berline, Germany
Video<Experimental Multidimensional Sound Project>, Royal College of Art, London
Visual sound impromptu performance with Contrabass Recorder player Rosie Land, Lychee One, London
<WIP>, Royal College of Art, London


《Banquet》影像装置及行为现场,Joseph Saint Martin 画廊,法国巴黎

柏林实验音乐节 《Banquet l》 荔枝一号画廊,英国伦敦

与潘岱静合作影像装置及实验电子歌剧《Fist》 BERLIN ATONAL, 德国柏林

视频《实验多维声音项目》 皇家艺术学院,英国伦敦

与Contrabass Recorder演奏家Rosie Land 现场视觉声音即兴行为表演, 荔枝一号画廊,英国伦敦

《WIP》 皇家艺术学院,英国伦敦

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